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Böle from Outer Space.

Turn left at Proxima Centauri and then drive straight on four lightyears.
Now you should be in the outskirts of the Milky Way.
Then you will have to locate a star known as "the Sun".
Aim for the third planet (To which its inhabitants refer as the Earth, or Tellus) and especially its top half, where You will find the biggest landarea, Eurasia.

The small northleft part of it contains a few minor kingdoms (and a republic).
One of these kingdoms is by the earthians known as Sweden,
and when You have managed to find Stockholm, the capital,
You just go 900 kilometers north until you get to Skellefteå.
There you take the road 350 and drive fully 40 minutes west
until You see the sign "Norsjö 15" on your right.
Turn left once again, drive not quite 500 meters, past the gas station,
and you will have another sign on your right.
This one tells you : "Böle 2" and it is true:
turn left, drive two kilometers and you are there!

Please, come in peace!