General Stuff

Location: Sweden

Hobbies: Spending time with friends, writing fan fiction, games (Heroclix, Citadels, RPG:s etc), collecting action figures, watching cult movies/TV-series, printing T-shirts.

Other TV-related geekiness:

TV-series I love: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Obviously), Star Trek (I love all the series, but DS9 and TOS are my favorites), Queer as Folk, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Smallville, Alias, Angel, Dead Like Me, The X-Files, CSI.

Buffy/fan fiction stuff

Have been a BtVS fan since: About 2000.

Favorite seasons in descending order: 6, 5, 3, 7, 2, 4, 1.

Favorite characters: Spike, Faith.

Characters I don't like: Riley, Angel, Connor, Fred.

Favorite episode: Once More, With Feeling.

Have written fan fiction since: 2003.

Beta reader: Alison.

Shipper preferences: I'm a spuffy shipper, but there are a lot of other ships that I like too. I'm not really a pairing fan though.


Really?: Yes.

What I'm looking for in a fan fiction: Stories that depict the complex nature of people, their relationships, and life.

What I don't like: One-dimensional characters and stories, turn of events that has no basis in the development of the plots in the preceding TV-episodes, cliches, bad character descriptions.

Plot details that makes me wince and possibly (and in some cases, always) stop reading:
- Buffy gets pregnant. It always turns into lame, domestic bullshit.
- The characters are written according to traditional gender roles rather than according to character canon.
- Buffy suddenly loves Spike, like, two days after Smashed. Huh?
- Spike gets his chip removed in the middle of season 5 and is suddenly the nicest guy ever. Again: huh?
- Icky sex stuff like incest and urine play.
- Uncomplicated, insanely happy endings where everybody marries, have kids and live happily ever after.
- One or several of the following Spike-cliches are used: He drinks chocolate with tiny marshmallows, he watches Passions, the words marble or greek god is used to describe his body.
- When the attempted rape wasn't really too bad and Buffy is blamed for provoking it.
- AU stories where Buffy and Spike goes high school where they go from best friends to lovers. There are too many of these stories, and they are all the same! Read Blue Horizons and skip the rest.
- Creepy pairings like Spike/Dawn and Giles/Buffy.
- Anything bangel.
- Dom/sub themes.
- Mary Sue fics (well, duh!).

Things about fanfic that I don't like:
- That fanfic is so shipper segregated.
- That almost every fic is about romance and/or sex.
- That descriptions like: "warning: character death" and "will have a spuffy ending" are used. I don't want to know how the story ends!
- Fanon. If it's not in the series it's not canon, goddamit!

I archive at: The Sandlot and The Slayer's Fanfic Archive