Friends and Strangers - Enigmaticblue
18 Chapters | Drama | PG-13 | Post "Grave"
Spike got his soul back, but when he returns to Sunnydale he has a hard time coping. Luckily he finds a friend.

In the Rear View Mirror - Sandy S
Ficlet | Drama | R | Post "Chosen"
Buffy POV. Buffy learns that Spike is back. What does she do about it?

Speedway - Jypzrose
43 Chapters | Drama/AU | NC-17
Five years ago, William ‘Spike’ Giles left Sunnydale to pursue his dream of racing stock cars. He left behind the love of his life, Buffy Summers, who couldn’t deal with the dangers of his chosen profession. After an accident on the track, that leaves him nearly crippled, Spike returns home to heal, both old wounds and new. There, he finds Buffy again, and he realizes that he never stopped loving her. There’s two problems. One, she’s moved on with her life. Two, his need for speed still scares her. Can they get past their fear and find love again?

Sang et Ivore - Holly
45 Chapters | Drama/Action | NC-17 | Post "Chosen"
Spike got his soul back, but never returned to Sunnydale. Instead he got a job at the Watcher's Council. Several years later his services are needed in Sunnydale. How will he deal with meeting Buffy again?

Dream Once More - T. Claybourne
WIP | Drama | PG-13 | Post "Chosen"
Buffy comes to LA but it may be too late. Spike is with some one else, and Angel he is not the same as she remembers.

Can't Help Falling in Love With You
- Darryl J
10 Chapters | Drama | R | Post "Grave"
Vignettes of Buffy and Spike together through the years.

Do What You Have to Do
- Darryl J
21 Chapters | Drama | R | Post "Grave"
Spike never returned to Sunnydale. He's on his own and plans to leave everything behind him for a new start.

Blue Horizons - Kantayra
51 Chapters | Drama/AU | NC-17
All her life Elizabeth has done exactly what everyone expects of her. Now in her first year of college, she discovers the vast possibilities in life. But can she escape the ghosts of her past and find the courage to explore the new paths before her... including the affections of an infuriating young sophomore named William 'Spike' Giles?

Seven Years in the Desert - Caro
WIP | Drama | R | Post "Chosen"
Seven years after "Chosen" Spike works with Giles at the Watcher's Council. Everything changes when he learns the news that Buffy is getting married.

Crash and Burn - NautiBitz
WIP | Drama/AU | NC-17
Buffy's an 18-year old Valley brat. Spike's a recently jilted 20-something expat slacker. Smash 'em together on a mountain road, and what do you get?

Haunted - Kantayra
32 Chapters | Action/Drama/Futurefic | NC-17 | Post "Dead Things"
Seven years ago, Spike fled Sunnydale and his abusive relationship with Buffy. Now, he and still-best-friend Dawn are working together in their own demon hunting agency. However, when they're called out to investigate a chain of supernatural murders at Cascade Mountain Lodge, they discover that Buffy's on the case as well. Will they be able to solve the mystery before they become the next casualties? And what does the solution have to do with the events of seven years ago?

Memory Redux - MadRog
22 Chapters | Drama | NC-17 | Starts right before the end of s7
Starts with a different end to S7. The PTB and a wish separates Spike and Buffy but will that keep them apart?

Young Robots in Love
- Elsa Frohman
4 Chapters | PG-13 | Comedy | Post "Smashed"
The geek trio need money, and decide to make a Spikebot and second Buffybot. They are planning to earn easy money by making porn with the two robots, but problems arise when they discover that the Spikebot has gotten the 19:th century William's personality instead ot Spike's.

Mad World - Pepperland Girl
57 Chapters | NC-17 | AU/Angst
Buffy is a prostitute, Spike is a corrupt cop. Very dark and angsty story.

- Margie
16 Chapters
| NC-17 | AU/Drama/Slash
Everybody's human. Xander was given up for adoption when he was a baby. 25 years later a sister he never knew he had needs a donor. A friend comes to ask for Xander's help.

Subtleties - Anna S.
1 (Really long) | NC-17 | Futurefic/Drama/Slash
Xander finds Spike living in NYC and working as a sought- after escort. In the few years since they've last met, Xander has come out, gained success and wealth, but still hasn't found a lasting relationship. He convinces Spike to return to Sunnydale in an arrangement that quickly becomes sexual. The story focuses on the emotional development of their relationship.