- "Och med bakhjulsdriven motor då?"
- "Sataniskt."
Belbo till Casaubon i Foucaults pendel (Umberto Eco).

This is my brotherīs (nowadays) Citroën Berline Dyane 6 Comfort (something like that) from 1968-1972 (mostly 1972 ;-)
It´s basically the same car as the legendary 2cv, but restyled in the early 70s and painted in pastelish colors to attract feminime buyers.
600 cc and an ability to carry 3 passengers and 10 kilograms.
On the pictures above I am driving around in the fields of Böle.

As you already guessed, I come from a religious family of orthodox citroënists.
I gave this car to my brother 2004 since I had no time for it. Nowadays we ride a Berlingo.

From the manual:

Of course it is an all-year car!

.gif by staffan

Gör som Davina Claire, avreagera dig i motboken.

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