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"Then...then, when you have found the shrubbery,you must place it here,
beside this shrubbery,only slightly higher,
so we get the two-level effect with a little path running down the middle."

ex-Knights of Ni

I was bored 20 yards ago (I believe, I do not quite remember),
in the somewhere of Sweden,
where I was raisined by my parapets 2 B a good boy, so therefore I went 2 score 4 about 10 years.
After the senior levels I had 2 leaf my native villain, Böle, and move 2 Skellefteå,
where I steadied civics and language @ Kaplan everyday.
Then I went on 2 Anderstorp, where I studied all hyped things about
Information Technology.

If U have been told that I really love 2 once more meet my favourite comedians,
or that I like watching some old TV-serie, where people are running around in unsexy adidas-dresses and weird ears, your information is correct,
but except 4 that , and of course listening 2 music
(music means real music, like The Floyd, The-Artist-Once-Known-As-Prince, R.E.M. etc and not Take That), the thing I really like 2 do is 2 create;
2 draw, 2 sculpture, 2 put parts 2gether, 2 design things, etc.
Although I am not as good as my idols...

...I also like films , animated ones and others. With 1/2 of my friends moved 2 Luleå, Stockholm, Uppsala, etc. there is not much 2 do here, except from doing boring homepages, and trying 2 stay away from the nonsense-machine.

Though life is quite absurd I behave perfectly logical in my perfectly logical world. The only problem is that my ideas is only perfectly logical 2 me and
as soon as I establish contact with some other person, life gets a lot more complicated. But, I must admit, also more intresting and worth living.

I have got a minor problem with adapting 2 a "common life", I am not proud of, but rather fond of my sort of bohemian lifestyle:
Some nights I can stay away and awake until the night turns real dark...
When I finally come home I eat my midnight dinner; likely a pizza.

Back 2 Electric E? 2 Atorp? 2 Ske-å? Or Somewhere Else?

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