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upon a time,
somewhere in a galaxy
not at all far away (in fact, our own),
in the cold northern area of the planet,
a man left his home and struggled through the wilderness
to found a new community and to live where no man had lived before.

The man was called Nils Stefansson, and here begins the Story of Böle..."



A new family has moved in!
We welcome the family Sjölund!


Turn left at Proxima Centauri and then drive straight on 4 lightyears.
Now U should B in the outskirts of the Milky Way .
Then you will have 2 locate a star known as "the Sun" (not the newspaper!).
Aim 4 the 3rd planet (2 which its inhabitants refer as the Earth, or Tellus)
and especially its top half, where U will find the biggest landarea, Eurasia.
The small northleft part of it contains a few minor kingdoms (and a republic).
One of these kingdoms R by the earthians known as Sweden,
and when U have managed 2 find Stockholm, the capital,
U go 900 kilometers north
until U get 2 Skellefteå.
There U take the road 375 and drive fully 40 minutes west
until U C the sign "Norsjö 15" on your right.
Turn left once again, drive not quite 500 meters, past the gas station,
and U will have another sign on your right.
This one tells U : "Böle 2" and it is true:
turn left, drive 2 kilometers and U R there!

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